Wintry pictures.

Wintry pictures.

Despite the fact that flu and cold have brought me out of balance in the past period, I occasionally went outside to shoot some nice pictures. Well packed and always very short, but just open my nose by breathing in the cold air. If you are sick for such a week and you feel sick, then a bit of variety is nice.

I am improving again and will see at Sunday 3 February 2019 how my body feels during a forest bath walk. The experience of today is that running up the stairs is a challenge in any case. But yeah. The damage must be included and requires a plan of action to put the decline back in the right direction. I do not want to accompany my walking coach customers in a panting way.

So first test deterioration and then make a plan of action.

The picture.

After I took a few pictures I went inside to see at the computer what the pictures where.  Always a great sight to see all those little ice crystals. A nice picture. It shows that each crystal is too small to make an impression, but together it forms a powerful image.

With us that is also. One of the 7 billion people does not make much of an impression, but thousands do. Especially if they have the same goal together.

There is no goal for the ice crystals. They stick to each other purely by chance. No common goal. No. A physical logic of frozen water.

Common climate target?

As the students in Brussels cease weekly, a group of students is also formed in the Netherlands. Their common goal is to make clear that the current climate agreement is not strong enough. The world of leaders is a different world from that of the students. Immediately a political answer. Truancy is not allowed. Yes of course. Stikes are allowed. At least that is what the teachers have done. Or does it feel uncomfortable for thousands of students to find that the climate agreement can be a bit more solid?

I have a personal opinion, but I think it is good that the younger generation wants to make something clear. They are not at the table with economic, political or power interests. Now it seems as if politics can no longer explain the benefit of this agreement. I do not understand this agreement and neither do the children. I think the students are entitled to the correct explanation. What is the benefit for everyone?

My commitment to climate goals?

In my house I try to take as much measurements as possible that brings me to a neutral level of use of fossil fuels. All for the new generation. I have no interest if the earth warms up a little less, because I will not be anymore in a while. The new generation has every interest in the less warming of the earth. It would be a shame if the young generation can not see ice crystals anymore. Or they suffer from an earth that reacts with extremes. Extreme heat and extreme cold.

As an old man I can still remember that in our home the coal stove was replaced for cooking and heating on gas. The gas price was then extremely low that there was fired heating with open doors. In recent years I have come to realize that all fossil fuels have a finite nature. Can you imagine that coal, oil and gas are gone? I do. It will not last that long.

So wherever I can I will work on a house without fossil fuels. I think it would be good if more people would do that. Everything according to the logic of my household fair. It must be affordable. But I’m already on my way.

By making clear that climate goals must be achieved more quickly, pupils can start again at any time of the day.






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