Blog frequency.

First an announcement for the Dutch reader.

Bos baden op zondag  24 februari, 17 maart, 7 april, 5 mei, 26 mei, 23 juni, 7 juli, 28 juli 2019 van 10.00 uur tot 12.00 uur.

Vertrek vanaf de parkeerplaats :

Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert’
Harles 23
6294 NG Vijlen

Zoals gebruikelijk vraag ik een bijdrage van € 5,= per persoon. Aanmelden mag. Stuur een e-mail naar en vermeld het aantal personen.

Blog frequency

Dear reader,

My blog frequency is adjusted. Once a month I will share a blog with you. Not that I do not feel like it anymore. No. On the contrary. Paul’s Buitencoaching requires more attention. It seems to be choosing between two beautiful goals. A. The year-long Sunday blog. Two. Paul’s Buitencoaching. For me the priority lies with Paul’s Buitencoaching.

Seems to me a legitimate reason. I now have to pay attention to the business activities, because the customers do not automatically come to me. For this I have to work properly. I want to take sufficient time for that. Hence my decision to adjust the blog frequency to about once a month.

The blog follows the week after the walk. So in this case I organize the walk today and March 3 a blog. If you do not agree: from 1000 unique responses to this decision, I take my decision in reconsideration.

In order to promote Paul’s Buitencoaching, especially walking as a methodology during coaching, I am writing a book. The book will soon be used by the customers. In the first instance a Dutch book. For this I am still looking for help with reading and correcting my manuscript. If you like this type of assistance, you can sign up by e-mail to

If you want to walk with a group under my guidance, please send an e-mail to or fill in the contact form at

When someone judges your path, loan him your shoes.

The beauty of making a decision is that you can start again at any time of the day.


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