The first spring rays of 2019?

It is obvious that we are feeling hunted. We let ourselves be rushed. It does not matter where we are or where we walk. We have access to social media at all times and everywhere. It is addictive for many. We can not even be present at a party without regularly checking our mobile (help) resources. Apparently looking and typing is more important than talking.

Oh what a luck! Smiling faces from whoever or whatever. As if everything is so nice. Everything is shared. Do I need it? Apparently, because otherwise I would not watch. Right?

It could just be that I also became addicted to the social (help) resources. Stopping that addiction is a challenge. A challenge that I regularly meet in the forest. Meanwhile, I know from experience that mobile coverage is not everywhere and the mobile (help) resource is annoying weight. It is useful for taking pictures.

Providers do their best to make the white spots on the map as small as possible. It is their thought that there should be no more white spots. It does not matter to me. When I am walking somewhere at a considerable distance from the inhabited world, mobile coverage of telephony is useful, but all those social media are completely useless.

What does this walk want from me?

Last Sunday, February 24, 2019 I was on a silence walk with a nice group of people. Not always quiet, but that is not the intention. During such a hike it’s the intention to open up all sensory experiences in the forest. What do I see? What do I hear? What do I feel on my body? What do I taste? So we have been on the road for an hour or two. Not a great distance, because it is about opening up sensory experiences.

I want to thank Jos for the beautiful photo. At that moment I am just off the path to observe the forest, this time a tree, from very close. Just feel, smell and look. What does this walk want from me?

In this way, each participant regularly stops at a wonder in nature. If you walk quietly and are in your own experience, then there will automatically be peace. What do I want from this walk? That no longer plays a role. What does this walk want from me? This question plays a role.

Walking slowly you will see more.


That’s nice. The walk does not want anything from me? No. Indeed the walk does not want anything from me. If you have already started with a walking goal, then walking for 2 hours in silence is a challenge to keep going.

Anyone who makes these walks with me, I am a Forrest Mind Guide in training, knows that I regularly leave the path and stand or sit somewhere. Hell yes. We occasionally stand somewhere and stare into the distance and observe what is there. If you always want to give your head something exciting or something fun, that can be pretty disappointing. Being in nature is incomparable with mobile social (help) resources. You are with what is there. The overwhelmingly beautiful nature.

Sitting in the forest for a few minutes seems like a serious challenge. But it’s not. Nature provides sufficient accommodation options. A fallen tree with some moss growth is a soft seat. Sitting on a mat works fine. Leaning against a tree. It does not matter. With a bit of creativity you come a long way. There are also participants who bring a foldable stool. Sitting in the forest can’t hurt.

The experience of the sounds of nature is overwhelming. If you listen to the birds, I mean only the birds, then you will soon notice that all the roar of the engines is disappearing into the background. Welcome to the concert of nature.

Thich Nath Hanh,Vietnamese Buddhist monk and Zen master, says about walking meditation:

“The main thing about walking is walking and not arriving. Walking meditation is not a thrive, it is the ultimate goal. Every footstep is life, every footstep is peace. That is why we do not have to hurry to walk.
That is why we are taking slower steps. Walk, but do not walk. Walk, but do not be fooled by some purpose. If we walk in this way, a half-smile will naturally appears on our face.

For all ages?

The group was over 59 plus. That makes the silence walk extra special. Hundreds of years of life experience together on the way to enjoy the overwhelming silence in the forest. Actually enjoy the deafening sound of the forest. The sound of the first spring day in 2019.

We had been able to read parts of the poem by Charlie Chaplin in turn. What a great group. The group varies in life experience in the end you could have been a part of shared  life experiences. A radiant sun, a radiant forest and a radiant group of people.

Probably the end of this blog is an announcement for the Dutch readers.

If you also want to experience what it is like to walk in silence, see if the schedule below fits your agenda and sign up to participate.

Walking planning Paul’s Buitencoaching

17 maart, 7 april, 5 mei, 26 mei, 23 juni, 7 juli, 28 juli 2019 

10.00 uur tot 12.00 uur

Departure from the parking lot:

Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert’
Harles 23
6294 NG Vijlen

As usual I ask a contribution of € 5, = per person. Sign up. Send an e-mail to and state the number of people.


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