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Thanks to all the readers who shared the previous blog. I ask it once more. If all readers share this blog, the promotion is huge.


The advertisement is probably not for the English readers, but then it might be a suggestion to do the same in your country.

First some advertising, because the 25th of May there are still free places left. Maybe you join for the Wensulance foundation. It would be nice if all three workshops are full. That would be € 300 for charity.

Today Paul’s Outdoor Coaching blog goes to nature and again to Paul’s Outdoor Coaching.

Paul’s Buitencoaching

On the 25th of May 2019, Paul’s Buitencoaching will also open its doors for an introduction during a two-hour walk. See the content of the day: Kennismaking met Pauls Buitencoaching

The participation fee of € 5 goes to the Wensulance foundation. They are committed to fulfilling the last wish of a seriously ill person.

Please register via paul@paulsbuitencoaching.com

25 May 2019 are the walks from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., 12 a.m. to 2 p.m., 3 p.m to 5 p.m..

Nationale WandelCoachDag

On Saturday, May 25, 2019, you can get a free introduction to the services of Walking and Nature Coaches during the 8th National Walking Coach Day in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can find all information on www.nationalewandelcoachdag.nl


“Those who walk delayed will see more.” All my walks are delayed, because forest bathing is not an Olympic sport. On the contrary. Forest bathing is about being outside in nature and absorbing the environment. Sometimes stopping and observing.

I made the blog photo during the observation of my pond. A dragonfly crawling out of the water, turning into a dragonfly with a larger body. I made a minute of a hard-working dragonfly’s body that is growing rapidly. How beautiful is that? Lightning fast, by my standards, a small dragonfly body grows into a larger one. What a beautiful spectacle. Nature has more miracles of this kind. You just have to have an eye for it. Give it a try. Slow down while walking and observe. Be curious and watch, listen, smell or wonder.

If you have practiced for a while, exploring and observing nature, then all the senses are awakened and there is awareness. It is very relaxing. In nature rest is experienced by making the connection with the unobstructed view and the horizon.

Forest bathing is literally taking a bath in the forest. It can also be a bath in nature. But it feels like taking a bath.

To go outside! Get up from the seat! Go to the starting point! Giving yourself something! You have to do that yourself! Once you’ve discovered forest bathing, it may taste like more. Your blood pressure, heart rate and so on get back to normal values. It is very beneficial for body and soul.

You can note the following walking days with Paul’s Outdoor Coaching in your agenda:

Sunday 5th May, Saturday 25th May, Sunday 26th May, Sunday 23th June, Sunday 7th July en Sunday 28t July. I would like to know who’s participating. Therefore, always register via Paul@paulsbuitencoaching.com .

The walking groups are limited in participants. If all readers share this blog, the promotion is huge.




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