Father and son walk in freedom!

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First some advertising for the national walking coach day, because there are still free spots before 25 May. Would be nice if I had all three workshops full. Even if you do it for the Wensulance foundation. That would be € 300 for charity. See the content of the day: Kennismaking met Pauls Buitencoaching

Father and son walk in freedom!

While you are reading this, it is 5 May and from 10 am I’m having a walk with a group of people at the Hijgend Hert in Vijlen. Want to participate? See Paul’s Buitencoaching and check the dates.

Now: Father and son walk in freedom!

Last week-end our son and I were in Luxembourg country. We did spend the night in a 250-year-old farmhouse. The Airbnb “Natur Oasis” from Nathalie in Iermsdref. My Christmas gift. Always nice when a hiking coach receives a few days of walking as a gift. Because of the landscape, we had pain in our calves very quickly. That has not prevented us from walking great distances for the three days. Occasionally stopping for a sandwich and cup of tea. Quality and conviviality.

The place where we were was fought hard by the warring parties. And while walking I thought of all the dead people who fell here. Many fathers who would never see their sons again and many sons who would never see their fathers again. Briefly. A terrible thought of an inhumane battle has been delivered here. I now walk here with our son in complete freedom. Thankful to everyone who paid for my freedom today with the ultimate sacrifice of death in the past.

Entire families and groups of people have suffered terribly in the wars of the past 150 years. And yet it seems so normal that we can walk in freedom. Well that is not the case.

On the 4th of May, we commemorate the many victims of these wars in the Netherlands. I also hang the Dutch flag half-mast out of respect.

It’s not obvious that we can walk in freedom. No. There have been many casualties. Very brave people who fought for our freedom are no longer present.

Today is the 5th of May and then we celebrate the liberation of the Netherlands. My flag at home is on top. The euphoria of the liberation cannot be disconnected from the sadness and the commemoration on the 4th of May.

I only know the wars from the stories of my grandparents and parents. I was only allowed to walk in freedom. And now I walk in freedom with our dear son. Two masters who can respectfully enter the nature around the beautiful place of Iermsdref. With great respect we’ve read the monuments on our paths.

How peacefully has nature endured all the acts of war. How many fighters will never be found and rest in the security of the forest?

Let us never forget that freedom is not so obvious. Commemorate on the 4th of May and celebrate on the 5th of May. Think of all the sacrifices made to make your walk in freedom possible.

Our pain in the calves is nothing compared to the misery of what happened here. Our muscle pain will disappear. The pain of the wars will always remain.

If all readers share this blog, the promotion is huge.

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You can note the following walking days with Paul’s Outdoor Coaching in your agenda:

Saturday 25th May (special see site), Sunday 26th May, Sunday 23th June, Sunday 7th July and Sunday 28th July. I like to know who’s coming. Therefore, always register and send a e-mail to Paul@paulsbuitencoaching.com. The walking groups are limited in size.



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