Sympathicus and Parasympathicus


June 23, July 7 and July 28 from 10:00 a Metsämieli (forest bath) at the Hijgend Hert in Vijlen. Want to participate? Register via or app to 0624578008.

Sympathicus and parasympathicus.

Two independently operating nervous systems. Autonomous and not autonomous. Not to be influenced and influenced. Action and recovery. Sympathicus and parasympathicus.

The connection.

The photo shows an image of the two nervous systems next to each other, Recovery and action. Along the Dutch coast, these piles stand to protect the coast and to ensure the growth of sand along the coast. Perhaps in your imagination I can use it to call the parasympatic and sympathetic. The connection is that we can influence both. It’s your  search for the connection between the two.

We would not scare the sympathetic if we were to dim a little in daily life. We set ourselves so much, raising the bar, that we become a little crazy about ourselves. If you lower those towering boundaries, there is less action and more peace.

If there is more rest then the parasympathicus also needs to refuel a little less. Metsämieli (forest bathing with Forest Mind) is even more beneficial. Instead of an empty tank, there is a half-full tank.

Maybe it’s a known text. Maybe I’m writing what you already know. Perhaps you have already planned that. Perhaps. Maybe, maybe.

Often it is first necessary to start from a forest bath. Metsämieli is forest bathing with exercises for Forest Mind Evidence Based Stress Reduction. After a few times under my guidance Metsämieli comes insight. Insight gives strength. Your daily life goes from empty tank to half-full tank. From half-full tank to three-quarter full tank.

Scientific research has shown that under guidance starting with Metsämieli produces very good health results in the short and long term. Health by nature and exercises for the mind. Why should you not be able to move on the connection bar in any other way? Find your own balance in recovery and action. You can do it. What has not worn out too much requires less repair. Find your own answers during Metsämieli.

You can give the parasympathicus support by using forest baths. How do you do that? Read de 8 stappen voor bos-baden.

Complicated to start yourself? No problem. Come and get acquainted by taking a Metsämieli under my supervision on 23 June, 7 and 28 July 2019 from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. at the Hijgend Hert in Vijlen.

At this moment I request a contribution of € 5 per participant. The price is so low because I want to introduce everyone to Metsämieli. Give it a try.

I appreciate knowing who’s coming. The groups may not grow too large, because the experience requires space. Register via or app to 0624578008 or +31624578008.

With exhaustion and recovery you can start again at any time of the day.

More about Metsämieli in my blog next time.

As a Forest Mind Guide, walking coach and mindfulness trainer I provide various services for individuals and groups. I present my company at Paul’s Outdoor Coaching.

I’m specialized in:

  • Forest Mind Guide (Metsämieli, shinrin yoku, forest baths) including lectures for groups
  • Walking coaching (individual)
  • mindfulness basic training for groups.


June 23, July 7 and 28 from 10 a Metsämieli at the Hijgend Hert in Vijlen. Want to participate? Register via or app to 0624578008.

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