Forest Mind = respect for nature!


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The first Forest Mind / Metsämieli instructor in the Netherlands uses insights from eco-psychology, mindfulness and coaching and takes place in a natural setting, preferably in the forest.

Metsämieli (Forest Mind)

FOTO FOREST MIND = respect for nature

The photo was taken at a time when I was lying on a bench in the forest looking at the treetops. You can just lie down somewhere in the forest and look at the treetops. The leaves that move in the wind, birds that fly above the treetops and the squirrels that go from tree to tree. Lie down, be quiet and observe what is moving above your head. That is enjoyment for me. For me, that means being in the forest with respect. How’s that for you? Let me know. What is your experience when you look at the treetops.


Respect for nature. There are many individuals who have lost respect for nature. Some forests look like waste bins. What is no longer needed is left behind in the forest. I don’t think a human host would just accept it if you throw everything away at the end of your visit. So when you visit friends, you don’t leave a mess behind. Why would you do that in nature?

I had to get rid of my annoyance. Excuse.

Respect for nature. Forest Mind practitioners enter the forest with great respect. The Forest Mind instructor indicates this at the start of every walk with customers. We are guests in a healing environment. It enters you with the greatest respect.

We can only breathe in the healthy air of the forest if we have respect. If you walk through the forest with respect, the forest will also treat you with respect. Treating sounds very clinical in this regard. As if you are visiting your doctor or medical specialist. That is also true. In the forest you can have a beneficial experience. In an earlier blog I already indicated that two weeks after a forest bath you can still find positive influences in your blood. Heart rate, blood pressure and all kinds of other functions in the body tend to normal and healthy values. All of this after a forest bath. How nice is that?

Has any of you personally experienced how beneficial a forest bath is? Let me know.

Respect for nature is what a Forest Mind instructor takes wit him on a walk. During the short and simple exercises, the Forest Mind instructor lets you experience what it is like to do exercises with respect for nature. Practicing in nature means using everything that is available in nature. We leave everything growing and blooming in peace. There are always things in the forest that we can use during an exercise without damaging flowers, trees and shrubs.

Anyone who goes for a walk in the forest with me is used to sit on a fallen tree and drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Just enjoy the forest and coffee or tea for a moment. When we leave afterwards, all the waste is taken back home and is deposited in the right containers. There will never be anything left of us as a reminder for the pleasant rest in the forest. The hospitality of the forest is appreciated. Respect for the forest.

The conclusion of this blog is about respect for people. Last week, Greta Thunberg was responded with a lot of scorn and laughter. Let me express my appreciation and admiration for her. Greta is very aware that we are making a mess of the world. That she stands up for the earth is grotesque. She stands up for what we know. The economic importance is associated with the devastating consequences of our drive to consume. Greta Thunberg is someone who stands up for the generation after me. Let us treat Greta with all due respect. A change is coming. I want to call on all laughing world leaders to take Greta Thunberg as an example. We must jointly put a stop to the pollution of the earth. Everything we dump in waste, will be eaten later. Top Greta Thunberg. Continue your mission.

Let me know what you think about the pollution and how we can change it.

Forest Mind is very much like forest bathing. The extra part is that the instructor guides the participants in doing a number of exercises that get you thinking. Simple exercises that you can do yourself during each walk.

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