Too early at the market with Forest Mind?


Paul’s Buitencoaching: of of

The first Forest Mind / Metsämieli instructor in the Netherlands uses insights from eco-psychology, mindfulness and coaching and takes place in a natural setting, preferably in the forest.

Metsämieli (Forest Mind)


Paul’s Buitencoaching has Forest Mind, walking coaching and mindfulness in nature as unique concepts to offer to the market. It is exciting starting my own company and to be the first Forest Mind Instructor in the Netherlands. But how to find customers? Occasionally I have thoughts that will not be realistic.

The most important thoughts are:

  • “Am I at the market too early with Forest Mind?”
  • “Are there any customers who are interested?”
  • “How much energy do I have to invest?”
  • “Etcetera.”

You can answer all those questions. I don’t always have an answer. So feel free to respond if you have TIPS, because I am very searching.


I take my uncertainties to the security of the forest. The Forest Mind Instructor who needs Forest Mind himself. Strange?

Paul’s brain sometimes runs wild and only a Forest Mind walk helps.

Start with a question.

This exercise gives me time to blow off thoughts or steam. Because I only think in terms of possibilities, my business thoughts go into all directions. That adds little to my life. That’s why I do the question exercise.

The forest gives me a moment to pay attention to the thoughts. I can let them be what they are. What is good for me today?

Because thinking takes time, I formulate a goal for my thought (s) by formulating a question. What is essential for Paul’s Outdoor Coaching and the things I do at the moment? What helps me to focus on what’s important?

I walk as quietly as possible and stop every now and then to weigh thoughts. I let thoughts bubble, mature, calm down and wear out.

My experience is that after a while no new thoughts arise. What was conceivable, was thought out. A kind of positive flow of energy arises where everything seems to be good right now. At least for this moment.

The serenity of thoughts can give room for new ideas. Intuitive perceptions lead me to my consciousness. I like to outline the new ideas on the ground. My hiking coach customers recognize this, because their thoughts are also somewhere in mud or sand. I always take a picture of the new ideas and get new creative space.


Now some advertisement for the Dutch customers.

Ben jij ook zo benieuwd hoe Forest Mind invloed kan hebben op jou? Misschien is de  “Introductie Training Forest Mind” iets voor jou?

Eerste “Introductie Training Forest Mind” in Nederland.

De “Introductie Training Forest Mind” is erg exclusief, want het is de eerste “Introductie Training Forest Mind” in Nederland, door de eerste gecertificeerde Forest Mind Instructeur van Nederland en inclusief een exclusief boek “Wandelend persoonlijk perspectief vinden met de natuur”.

Eerste “Introductie Training Forest Mind” in Nederland.

Onder de volgende “DELEN vraag” is nog meer over Forest Mind te lezen.


Introductie Forest Mind

Basisoefeningen Forest Mind

Forest Mind en vakantie

Forest Mind op vakantie

Forest Mind = Bosbaden met iets extra’s

Forest Mind = respect voor de natuur!

Forest Mind = korte oefeningen! 1 Gratis.


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