9 tips to reduce the risk of depression.


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Metsämieli (Forest Mind)

9 simple TIPS to apply in your daily life. American research provides evidence. Getting out of the chair 15 minutes a day reduces the risk of depression.

We are so involved in daily life that it is no longer healthy. You can call it “sitting sickness.” Laughing is not wise. It is better to start moving.

A majority of my coach clients start to catch their breath after fifteen minutes of walking, dawdling. Is that just a matter of condition? Often the stress, depression and a hurried life cause the human body to lack breath.

Every hiking coach goes into nature and lets the clients feel what it is like to walk through nature in peace and openness and to stop occasionally. Stopping is perhaps the most beneficial. Inhale healthy oxygen.

When you are on the move, dopamine and endorphins are produced. Both “happiness hormones” are created during a walk or walk. You don’t have to run, but just walking is enough. Give it a try.

Moving is the key to a more conscious life and the production of more happiness hormones.

You don’t have to do all 9 tips at the same time. Starting and continuing can become a new way of life.

1. Use a pedometer or something that checks your movement.
This keeps track of how much you move in a day. This motivates and certainly if you do this with others at the same time.

2. Lunch walking
If necessary, take your sandwich with you, but use the break to get moving. This is not only good for your body, but also for your mind because you clear your head for a moment.

3. Stand in bus, train or tram
Standing instead of sitting is a different position and thereby activates other muscles.

4. Always grab the stairs
The stairs instead of the elevator at your flat station or at work make you train your fitness.

5. Active working
Get up more often from your work and if there is the possibility of work, use a standing desk. Do walking, evaluations and meetings as much as possible on foot.

6. Call in progress
Take the opportunity to call while walking.

7. Remote parking
Move your car further away so that you can walk a little.

8. Stretch and stretch exercises
Get up now and then and stretch yourself considerably by raising your arms and making yourself extra large. Bringing your hands to your toes with legs straight is also a good exercise.

9. Create your future vision of your health
It helps if you know how you want to grow old. Do you have the feeling that everyone who is old has symptoms and defects or do you want to grow old as healthy as possible?

Science, after research among 300,000 adults.
For the study, American researchers used the genetic data of more than 300,000 adults. The scientists, who are linked to the Massachusetts General Hospital, found that people with higher physical activity had less chance of major depression.

The study shows that when someone gives up a “sitting existence” for fifteen minutes of exercise a day, the risk of depression decreases by no less than 26 percent.

This study has shown for the first time that exercise can prevent the development of depression. Of course there have been studies in the past that investigate the connection between physical activity, state of mind and mental well-being, but those previous studies only showed a link; they did not show that exercise effectively reduces the risk of depression.

Source: The morning


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