Improve relationship by walking.


Paul’s Buitencoaching: of of

The first Forest Mind / Metsämieli instructor in the Netherlands uses insights from eco-psychology, mindfulness and coaching in a natural setting.

Metsämieli (Forest Mind)

Improve relationship by walking.

Walking sets a number of important psychological mechanisms in motion, which literally and figuratively move you further.

Social process

We already knew that walking is good for your health, creativity and productivity. But it is less researched that it is also good for social relationships. Yet walking has everything to get and keep relationships on the right track. Walking with a partner is not only a physical activity, but also a social process. It unnoticed puts you in the right mode to get and stay in line. This is because walking stimulates a number of important psychological processes.

Moving makes the mind more flexible

Research shows that moving and certainly moving forward can also lead to psychological movement. You can see that connection in our language. Anyone who has a conflict “gets stuck” or “clashes”, and a difficult conversation “doesn’t go anywhere.” If the relationship goes well, “it is going well”, “we are moving forward,” or “we are going somewhere.”

Webb: “Walking is pre-eminently a smooth, forward-looking movement that can ensure that you focus more on the future and are less concerned with what went wrong in the past.

C. Webb e.a., Stepping forward together: could walking facilitate interpersonal conflict resolution?, American Psychologist, 2017 / C. Webb e.a, Moving on or digging deeper: regulatory mode and interpersonal conflict resolution.

As we move forward, the processes in our brains that are related to progression naturally become more accessible. Through your movements you automatically get in the mood to “take steps”, “continue” and “move on”. Your gaze is literally and figuratively broader and focused on what lies ahead. You leave behind what is over. ”

Why a photo of a garden bench in nature when the text is about walking?

As a hiking coach it is very normal to stop occasionally. A moment to synchronize. The coach hears a lot, but occasionally stopping and synchronizing, tuning where the conversation went, brings insight. It is also nice to slow down and re-determine the focus. A bench on the path is handy. It can also be a tree trunk or grass. Just synchronize.

Then walk again and open the head and focus the conversation on the future.

Short advertising for the Dutch audience.

Do you want to discover how the coaching of Paul’s Outdoor Coaching in combination with Forest Mind can have a positive influence on a more conscious life and the production of more happiness hormones? Sign up for the First “Introduction Training Forest Mind” in the Netherlands.

Monday December 2 and Friday December 6, 2019 you can register for the “Introduction Training Forest Mind” at in Brunssum.

You will be well looked after throughout the day and you will receive the course book “Finding a personal perspective with nature”. (Only available for my customers and not in the store.)


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