Nature and a mindful life [Article].


Paul’s Buitencoaching: 

The first Forest Mind / Metsämieli instructor in the Netherlands uses insights from eco-psychology, mindfulness and walking coaching in a natural setting.

Mindful life

It never stops. It becomes an endless process: you have become one with nature and you borrow its infinity. You then have to go back again and again, because in one way or another you always outgrow the self that you were before.

Jane Hollister Wheelwright (1905-2004)

Beautiful sentences from Jane Hollister Wheelwright. “It happens in the forest!” That is my motto. I have mentioned going back more often in my blogs. It works in-depth if you keep looking for the forest or nature.

Last week I had a number of walks, where I was always surprised by nature. The sheep in the photo. Natural grass machines do not make a noise, do not use gasoline and fertilize the lawn directly. A moment to think about. During my lunch break I experienced how it feels to me that these grazers are in peace and presence in the urban environment. Awesome. Nature very close to humans.

Metsämieli (Forest Mind)

Metsämilie (Forest Mind) originated partly from the Shinrin Yoku, forest baths and mindfulness. Starting again or going back again and again cannot hurt. There are proven positive effects on mind and body. Why don’t we do it?

Developing yourself started at birth. Correction. At conception. After birth we only see humans for the first time. Man evolves during life. Compared to now, you are very different from before. You continuously develop. Every experience is one again. And your life will never be the same. Development is an endless process.

What is a mindful life?

I cannot describe a mindful life other than living in the here and now. So live in the moment. It is no more than that. You and nature right now. You just have to absorb nature at the moment. Only that is already a mindful meditation. Being in silence with nature at the moment.

Are you on a journey of discovery with all your experiences? Do you want to discover how the hiking coaching of Paul’s Outdoor Coaching in combination with Forest Mind can have a positive influence on your mental health?

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I regularly offer experience walks and with sufficient interest I give workshops. Make your interest known.

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