let go [parable on request]


In the photo you can see how a tree holds one of its main branches. Or that the branch still sticks to the tree.

If you want to investigate letting go or learn that, then you must first investigate detention or learn.

One of my coachees has a lot of trouble releasing. What is the answer? Investigate the detention first!


A young and old monk walk along a wide stream and see a young woman standing. She cannot cross the stream with her beautiful clothes. She asks the monks if they want to take her across. She wants to keep her clothes beautiful.

The old monk lifts the woman and carries her to the other side of the stream. The young woman thanks and continues her journey.

In the evening the young monk asks the old monk. We shouldn’t get involved with women, right? Never touch women.

The old monk replies: “The young woman asked if I wanted to carry her to the other side of the stream. I complied with her request. We then continued walking. You have not yet released her.”


As mentioned in my earlier blogs. You can learn to see thoughts as floating clouds. They come and they go. You don’t necessarily have to do anything with it. You don’t have to judge the cloud or find anything about the color. The cloud is the cloud and it floats by.

It is difficult to see a broken relationship, a definitive farewell to someone or unrequited love as a floating cloud. Here, studying retention is worth the effort. Look again at the branch in the tree.

It is important to investigate what you are sticking to. Usually those are the beautiful memories. Intimate moments. Sharing together. The holiday memories. Research that you will stick to. This is a painful or emotional process. You have to go through it without judgment. If you know what you are holding on to, then the release solution comes naturally.

Go for a walk and muse somewhere on a bench or tree trunk. Ask yourself; “What am I sticking to?” If you can answer that question, then the solution is to let go. Step by step you can let go of small things.

Sticking to become passing clouds. You can release without further judgment. Let the clouds float by. That is the moment of letting go.

Once again. It is a painful and emotional process. If you continue to examine holding in every walk, pain and emotion will be less when you let go. The process that you have to go through are step-by-step investigations that you will stick to and where you are ready to let go.



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