Breathe lovingly [meditation]


Although I know that meditations result in fewer readers, mediation is still available upon request. The photo shows a beautiful moment where I like to meditate outside. Certainly where space is available. That gives a broadening perspective at the end of a day.

This exercise is from the workbook “Mindful zelfcompassie, Kristin Neff & Christopher Germer”


Find a comfortable position that provides support during the entire meditation. You must feel comfortable. And try to sit like a king.

If necessary, close your eyes or choose for a partial closure.

Breathe in slowly as relaxed as possible.

Feel the unnecessary tension flowing out of your body.

See if you like to put one hand on your heart or another reassuring place. Just as long as it feels comfortable for you.

Try to feel every inhalation and exhalation carefully. What does your body do?

You may notice that your body is nourished with every inhalation and relaxes with every exhalation.

Let your body breathe for you. You do not have to do anything.

Note the rhythm of the breath. How it flows in and out. Take the time to feel the natural rhythm of your breath.

Feel how your body moves with the breath. Just like the movement of the sea.

Thoughts will stray naturally. When happening, you gently guide your thoughts back to the rhythm of your breath.

Let your entire body be rocked and stroked internally by your breath.

If it feels good to you, you can completely surrender to your breath, so that your breath is all that remains. Just breathe. To be breathing.

Carefully release the attention on your breath and experience this moment in quiet silence. Allow yourself to feel what you feel and to be the way you are.

You can open your eyes again.



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