Paul’s Outdoor Coaching Shut Down [BLOG]

The developments about the corona virus are so fast changing that I think it is irresponsible to go out with groups. As much as I enjoy the walks with you. I do not think it wise to go hiking with groups.

I have therefore decided to:

  1. cancel the “introduction training Forest Mind” of Friday March 20, 2020. Those who have registered by paying receive back their money.
  2. the introductory walk will be canceled on Sunday, March 22, 2020.

These are difficult times for a starting entrepreneur such as “Paul’s outdoor coaching”. But it is what it is and I am not alone in that.

I think it is important that I did everything I could to prevent further spreading of the corona virus through my walks.

Let’s all make wise decisions and put ourselves in social quarantine as much as possible. There are still many beautiful walks ahead  First get this pandemic under control.

To everyone who keeps the economy going and all the people who give their very best to help all the severely ill people a special thanks.

These are hard times, but we are going to go through it together. Remain sensible and follow all government advices.

All the hassle of the past few weeks and my well-considered decisions have exhausted my inspiration for this week. I have to find myself again.

Keep your head up and see you next week.

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