coronavirus (COVID-19) English [BLOG]

Here we are. All kinds of security measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Justly. If you are unlucky, you have to be ventilated for a long time and the chance of recovery is minimal. All the more reason to stick to the measures for all of us. It is not advice, but an obligation to other people.

It has been said more often in the past period. Thank you to everyone who works to keep the country running. Certainly everyone who takes care of all these seriously ill patients. That must be a tough job. Work where death is close.

For now I have suspended all my outdoor activities. Although it is not good for my turnover. It is my responsibility to adhere to all guidelines. Then no sales for a while.

I want to turn things around a bit. Coming week in the evening, for everyone who signs up, an online Dutch meditation hour from 19:00 to 20:00. You can register via contact. Be specific what day. We will then skype. I invite you.

You need a chair to meditate. A quiet place in the house is appreciated. You can listen to my guided meditations from a PC, tablet or i-phone. A varied one-hour program every day.

If you are concerned with my sales lot, a voluntary contribution is appreciated. My account number can be found at

My preliminary view of this crisis.

I am convinced that we will consider the situation after this crisis. Modern offices and the vision of work will change. Those who think carefully will come to the conclusion that flying around and traveling around is no longer of this time. The risks of spreading diseases are too great. We may also consider our CO2 impression. On average, 39 km of flying costs 1 kilogram of fuel per person. That alone could become a consideration. Right or wrong are terms that we need to discuss later. Now everything is focused on safety and surviving this pandemic.

The first lessons become clear.

  • In the “old economy” there were companies of strategic importance. Everything that meets the primary need of the people. Face masks, respirators and all kinds of other medical care facilities are now exposed to market forces. Mostly abroad. And scarcity drives up prices. Also when it comes to the health of people in health care.
  • How about the psychological scarcity, which we call hoarding. If everyone buys their weekly groceries, there is enough for everyone. In the warehouses, stock is often built for six months. Any stagnation in production can be absorbed. I am shocked by the empty shelves and full shopping trolleys. What should you do with 10 kg of meat? 1 ounce per person per day is sufficient. So 10 kg in stock is crazy. That way I can list a lot of products. Stocking the toilet paper in a large supply is the last thing that is needed. So we need to be better prepared for what causes our shopping behavior during a crisis. Awareness.
  • Then the measures announced by the government. It is not tough to deal with it with a smile. It is a normal flu and people always die from it. Correct. However, now people become so sick that they have to be ventilated for longer periods and permanent lung damage remains. People will remain patients forever and may never be able to participate in a work process again. So laxity can cost another person or affect his zest for life.
  • Saturday, March 21, 2020 in the Netherlands Easter crowds in forests, parks, markets and cities. This does not make me happy.

I stop listing. Because this feels like I have to criticize.

“Rethink the future.” Is perhaps a motto.

After this crisis, we will all have to think carefully about how we want to continue living and how we can treat this earth with more respect.

Economic interest is subordinated to human interest. Be convinced of that. “A change is gonna come.”

Do I see you during the meditations? You can register via contact.

For now. Stay healthy.

The beauty of being happy with what is there is that you can start it over at any time of the day.

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