Postcorona movement. [BLOG]

In the photo my way of growing potatoes. Simple and inexpensive.

I love vegetables from my own garden. Now I realize all too well, because of the crisis, that the new period ahead could well become normal. If you grow vegetables yourself, then you have to plan well ahead of the year. It is good if you think about how to replenish the freezer and stock. There is no question of panic buying. I am confident that this year I will have enough fresh vegetables and a supply of vegetables for the winter.

As a certified Forest Mind Instructor, still the first and only in the Netherlands, I am very committed to nature and how we deal with her. It seems as if we only think that we have a makeable world that is only there for economic interest. We do a lot negative things to nature and we get a pandemic in return. It can be done differently.

I have been approached to participate in a postcorona movement. For many personal arguments I have joined. It can be done differently. So I participate.

What is the de postcorona movement?

The postcorona movement is a movement that aims to facilitate constructive change in society. Permanent change is only possible if we take the different perspectives into account. It is not about finding the truth, but about creating space in which different perspectives can interact with each other respectfully. Constructive solutions can emerge from this dialogue.

We start from the following 3 principles:

  1. We use an appreciative and constructive and outlook. On the one hand the view “Where are we now?” and the constructive focus of “What does it work”, “What do I dream of?” and “How do I see it differently?”. We are not against something “negative”, but for something “constructive”.
  2. We tap into our own strength and autonomy, not pointing to others who have to do it for us. The focus is on “Given the situation, what can I do within my own sphere of influence?”, “What do I get the energy and energy from?”, “What can I do to shape my dream a little bit? ? ”
  3. We have an eye for each other’s interests and create together. Diversity of opinion is a wealth if we manage to tap into it constructively. This is about co-creation, and the realization that together we go further than alone. That makes this corona crisis all too clear, we must work together to move forward.

This platform unites people who want to think constructively about society together. We create a forum where the different voices can meet respectfully and take action together.

The postcorona movement wants to facilitate the realization of these projects as much as possible, and to enable dialogue between different stakeholders.


The #postcorona movement is carried and pushed by a community of people who see this corona break as an opportunity to dream of a better world in the postcorona era.

We do not want to ignore the fact that the Corona virus involves a lot of pain and confusion. Lovers, parents, grandparents who are seriously ill, people who die alone or have to say goodbye to the family through skype because the family cannot reach them, people who lose their job or are technically unemployed and are not sure how they are financially around parents who suddenly have to combine the role of teacher, parent, employee to keep the family running, … and there are many more stories of people whose lives are severely affected by the virus. We think it is important to consider this.

At the same time, every crisis carries a seed of change. A nice analogy for this is that of a machine that is in urgent need of maintenance, but no one who dares to shut it down, out of fear of the consequences. Now that the machine is at a standstill, it is the perfect opportunity to make some maintenance and improvements before we start again.

So now is a special opportunity to reflect critically on what we want to do. However, the question is “In what direction do we want to see change?” Despite this setback, this platform is an attempt to make the most of this crisis by allowing those constructive seeds of change to germinate. It is exceptional that our entire society comes to a complete standstill. As citizens, we don’t just experience what happens in society, but we can also take action ourselves and shape it together.

Every stone ensures that the river takes a different turn. Be a pebble and throw yourself into this river. The more that follow, the bigger the pile of stones and the more beautiful and bigger the change. It is time for action.

Forest Mind?

As I wrote at the beginning, I like to think differently than others. I grow my own vegetables as much as possible. Poison is out of the question for me.

More and more I realize that I have enough nature close to home to enjoy. You can breathe healthy air in any forest or natural environment.

To address the cognitive brain part I have a large number of simple exercises that someone can do at home at a later time. As a Forest Mind Instructor, I include the participants in the exercises.

Now my company is closed for a while, but Paul’s Buitencoaching opens its doors and activities again if it is sensible according to the government.

If you want to know more about Forest Mind and what it can mean for you, please contact me.

For now strength with the situation and above all stay healthy.

It can be done differently.

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