Postcorona movement. [PART 2]

While nature starts spring, there is almost a great party outside. The chestnut in bloom is a real feast for the eyes, but also for the ear. Thousands of bees find their raw materials for honey there.

Staying inside with the “lock down” is a real challenge. We humans are not made to stay a-socially distant from each other. Parents who do not see their children and grandchildren. And so on. No. We humans are not made for this. The one and a half meter distance in the new normal and thinking about the health of others is the new morality.

Spotted a sad person today who shouted and scolded because he was only allowed into the store with a shopping cart. Unbelievable how that sucker raged to the store staff. That is only antisocial and a sick morality! If you still think this is a nonsense disease, you have a sick head. Covid-19 is deadly. An invisible enemy for humanity. Stupid people who don’t take it seriously are sources of contamination. If you are against the measures, sit at home indignantly.

The new normal and the new morality is now being formed. In many places people think: “This has to be done differently and this can be done differently!”

After this crisis, people come up with great new ideas. Anyone who reads or participates in the “postcorona movement” sees beautiful new visions emerge. Perhaps the new is normally a different economy or a different look at everything we do to the world. “This has to be done differently and this can be done differently!”

Thinking about what you buy and what you eat becomes the new normal. Does it come from far or close to home? This may be the new morality. “This has to be done differently and this can be done differently!”

Just started with Paul’s Buitencoaching and already no more customers. The sparsely collected turnover is slowly emptying. Subscriptions and other payment obligations continue to run. Maybe my company will be shut down. It cannot be sustained for long. Regulations are not always available for all freelancers. What have I learned from this pandemic? There are always people and companies who take advantage of schemes and scam things without hesitation. Perhaps use schemes for your own or shareholders’ gain. Sad. “This has to be done differently and this can be done differently!”

This certified Forest Mind Instructor, still the first and only in the Netherlands, I am very committed to nature and how we deal with it. I will be active in the “postcorona movement”. “It can be done differently and it has to be done differently!”

We do not want to ignore the fact that the Corona virus involves a lot of pain and confusion. Lovers, parents, grandparents who are seriously ill, people who die alone or have to say goodbye to the family via skype because the family cannot reach them, people who lose their job or are technically unemployed and are not sure how they are financially around parents who suddenly have to combine the role of teacher, parent, employee to keep the family running, … and there are many more stories of people whose lives are severely affected by the virus. We think it is important to consider this.

At the same time, every crisis carries a seed of change. A nice analogy for this is that of a machine that is in urgent need of maintenance, but no one who dares to shut it down, fearing the consequences. Now that the machine is at a standstill, it is the perfect opportunity to make some maintenance and improvements before we start again.

So now is a special opportunity to reflect critically on what we want to do. However, the question is “In what direction do we want to see change?” Despite this setback, this platform is an attempt to make the most of this crisis by allowing those constructive seeds of change to germinate. It is exceptional that our entire society comes to a complete standstill. As citizens, we don’t just experience what happens in society, but we can also take action ourselves and shape it together.

Now my company is closed for a while, but Paul’s Buitencoaching opens its doors and activities again if it is sensible according to the government.

f you want to know more about Forest Mind and what it can mean for you, please contact me.

For now strength with the situation and above all stay healthy.

Stick to the measures that the government takes. Please. If it is not for you, do it for the other person.

It can be done differently.

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