9 effortless tips work stress [List].



9 effortless tips work stress [List].

Do you recognize the following?

Does your inbox keep filling up with e-mails and you no longer see how to get through all those to-do lists?

Work stress is occupational disease number 1 in the Netherlands. More than 1 million people are at risk of burnout or other work-related complaints, according to a TNO study.

The good news: you can do something about work stress yourself. If you follow these 9 steps, you get a better grip on your work and you do more in less time.

The 9 solutions [list]?

Step 1. Make a realistic task list every morning.

Step 2. Schedule time for your email. E-mail up to 3 times per working day.

Step 3. Put your agenda at the center and note everything, work and private, in concrete tasks.

Step 4. Say no more often. Certainly if it doesn’t work out if you say yes.

Step 5. Stop procrastinating and plan the difficult tasks first.

Step 6. Create air in your agenda. Sometimes planning nothing is perfect.

Step 7. Keep moving. You can have lunch outside.

Step 8. Occasionally close completely. Turn off all media and do nothing.

Step 9. Write your thoughts away. Write down all thoughts and tasks on paper.




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