How nature helps us towards openness, happiness and creativity. [5 positive influences]

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If you are constantly busy with pressure, you will miss a spectacular thing:

“The real world”.


How nature helps us towards openness, happiness and creativity.

In our spare time we spend more time inside than outside. Recent scientific studies show that nature can help us keep the brain and body healthy.

All my life I love to walk outside. Sometimes short, but I prefer the longer walks. It helps me to ground more naturally and feel calm. Certainly as a professionally trained coach, I make use of nature during the ‘walking conversations’. See: Paul’s Buitencoaching

Scientists have found clear evidence that staying in nature has a positive effect on our brain and behavior. Being outside has an impact on our brain and behavior, it helps us to reduce fears, worry and disappear stress. Furthermore, it keeps us in the here and now and increases the possibilities to get in touch with other people.

In the past 100 years we have been discussing the new possibilities that nature has to offer us when it comes to psychological well-being. Now changes in the brain and our body are shown with measurable results. The discussion is no longer necessary, no, positive effects of our interaction with nature are found.

Here are five positive influences from nature on our brains and bodies.

  1. In nature, stress is reduced. Research in Japan has shown that walking in the forest leads to a lowered heart rate, but with a greater variety in high and low heart rate. This variety in heart rate is an indication of more relaxation and less stress. The researchers also reported a better feeling and less anxiety. It is about the difference between walking in the forest instead of walking in the city. In Finland, a study showed that people who walked outdoors were significantly less stressed than people who walked in the city. The studies show that being in a natural environment or just looking at it has somehow a positive impact on stress reduction.
  2. Nature makes you happier and reduces worry. In 2015, a study showed that people who walked in the forest had less anxiety, less bothered brain (negative thinking). And that walking in nature had a more positive effect on emotions compared to city walkers. It could perhaps give city developers a different view of creating a wooded environment.
  3. Nature relieves attention and increases our creativity. Today we have so many options that constantly shift our attention to something else, for example social media, that we get very tired of it. Strolling through nature gives us the focus on; being alone with nature. You and the forest. You should have no contact with social media in the forest. Furthermore, the forest has a positive influence on the brain when it comes to discovering new shapes and colors, that even our creative mind in the brain is positively influenced.
  4. Nature helps you become more loving and generous. Research shows that being in a green environment appeals to a softer side of us. This has a positive effect on our social life. The subjects developed more empathy towards others and were more willing to share with others.
  5. Nature makes you feel more alive. A difficult sentence, but I can’t make a better translation of “feel more alive”. Going into nature and going for a walk, standing, looking, smelling, feeling or whatever, makes you feel better and feel more vital. Being outside gives us more energy, makes us happier, helps reduce stress in our planned lives, opens doors to more creativity and helps us approach others with a softer attitude.

Being in nature costs nothing and has a positive effect on our brain and body. Why not look this up and stay inside? Let me know, but I think you can sense that nature may give more than it takes.

Walking in the woods or nature may be as easy as meditating. You can start over at any time of the day.

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