Lachen. [training]

The pandemic sometimes makes us crying. Not laughing is unhealthy. No matter how hard time is, try to give yourself a boost and laugh again. A smile creates positive substances in your body.

Laughter costs less than electricity and gives at least as much light. Abbé Pierre

Gaia is laughing at you!

The ancient Greeks called the world Gaia. Gaia was often portrayed as an old woman and had to depict mother earth with it. Then people thought that the world was flat. We now know better. We are part of Gaia. One of the many living beings on this earth. The photo I use for this blog are two insects, mittens, who enjoy a wonderfully shining sun and beautiful green leaves. Especially to see that they have chosen the laugh as a shelter. Maybe the laughter in the world around us is a sign that something is not right and you better stay away from it. We humans have a different meaning for laughter. Laughing is healthy. And Gaia is laughing at you!

Forgotten how you laugh? Try these tips and practice the laugh. The smile is a healthy remedy for the brain and gives a better feeling. Try it. Ten minutes a day is a nice start. Then now the laughing exercise.


  1. Wake up and stretch out completely. Are you already awake? Stretch out completely. This is always good to do in between.
  2. Think of your intent (For example, say “good morning again”, even if rain comes down)
  3. Pull your mouth corners slightly. A little bit further.
  4. Feel how your eyes naturally make a slight movement.
  5. Draw your mouth corners further to a ‘normal’ smile.
  6. Say “ha ha” gently and then lower your mouth corners into the ‘rest position’.
  7. Pull your mouth corners again, beyond the normal smile.
  8. Show your teeth. Grin extended.
  9. Says something harder “ha ha ha”.
  10. Then lower your mouth corners into the ‘rest position’.
  11. Pull your mouth corners so far that you immediately grin at the world.
  12. Say loud and clear “HA HA HA”. This may take longer.
  13. Then let your mouth corners slip back into the rest position.
  14. Feel how your eyes contract and relax with this movement.
  15. Pull your mouth corners and show a big smile.
  16. Say loud and clear “HA HA HA” “HO HO HO” “HI HI HI” and play with these sounds. Say “HA HO HI” or HO HO HA HI HA “.
  17. Relax. Relax. Nothing has to. Momentarily….

For the enthusiast. Look for the smile yoga of Dr Madan Kataria.

Maybe it seems an absurd exercise, but I get the idea that we are too serious in life. So serious that we, together with all the pressure we experience, have forgotten the laugh as a happiness hormone enhancing agent. Try it. Laugh at the world. Gaia laughs at you. Start smiling towards Gaia.

The great thing about laughter is that you can start again at any time of the day.

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