Rethinking the future. [blog]

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Rethinking the future.

During the “lock down” I had a lot of thinking time. The freedom of movement was at home or in the immediate vicinity of home. A time to rethink the future.

Because I myself belong to the vulnerable group of the age 60+ and my childhood love as a diabetes type 1 patient is very susceptible to viruses, the “lock down” was a way to worry less about possible infection. Of course we could have wailed together about the situation that the government called us, but we had to have a completely different lifestyle. A lifestyle that I like.

Home is home and we no longer need anything. We have learned to appreciate that our house and the large garden are a beautiful place to be. Compared to others who live in very different situations, I experience happiness and joy at home.

Working from home has a dimension that made me think about what’s so beautiful about an office? I get up at a normal time and go to work behind my laptop at home. Traveling to work is time saved. I can now use the travel time to stroll through my garden. Calling and emailing colleagues has remained the same. Meetings can be done online with a little discipline. The concrete offices are not suitable for the 1.5 meter economy and are now found to be superfluous. After the heavy lock down, colleagues can meet “live” informally with a nice walk 1.5 meters away. Working at home as much as possible has the advantage that there is less polluted air. Perhaps now the government can also reconsider the future of the country.

The “post-corona movement” has delivered some great projects. Projects in which people reconsider the future and switch to a different way of living and working. I am convinced of the sustainability of a number of projects that are started directly from individuals and that volunteers can join. Some projects are still immature, but a movement towards change has started. Every step is one forward.

My personal reconsideration of the future.

During the weekly shopping, which I am forced to do by measures myself, I was amazed at the origin of products that are for sale. Many products and vegetables have seen more of the world than I will ever see. Products, vegetables and fruit come to my local shop from faraway places and continents. And then also relatively cheap. There is no logic in that for me anymore. The polluting footstep I make when I buy a product got me thinking. Rethinking the future.

I look at my garden and think, “What is it and why? Have I been too carried away by advertising brochures? Have I become an unconscious consumer?”

Yes. My cottage garden is missing something. Fruits and vegetables are missing. This year I started to reconsider what I can use in my garden next year. In any case, I don’t want to buy fruit and vegetables from far away.

Was the vegetable garden at home so ugly?

No. At one point I had a busier life with two growing children and I sat tired on the couch in the evening. My mindfulness and “forest mind” development had not started yet. Now I realize more and more that it is very mindful to put a vegetable seed in the ground and see what happens. The development from seed to vegetable is particularly fascinating. And then also fresh from your own garden. From seed to harvest and then eating is so great.

The argument of having to stir up the soil every year is a bad argument against growing your own fruit and vegetables. From my “Forest Mind” I know that bacteria and fungi that make the soil so fertile are best left alone. Those who study permaculture and grow in pots and containers can grow vegetables and fruit themselves with little resources and cheaply. Maybe I’ll start a new blog page “Paul’s homestead garden”. Then you can read along.

While I came up with my supplemented “cottage garden” I got even more insight. Having enough insects in the garden is a prerequisite for the fertilization of all flowers. No vegetables without fertilization. That’s why I started to plant even more flowering treats for all bees. Hanneke will appreciate this together with her beekeeper friends. In previous blogs I have often indicated how I can become fascinated by the hum in the garden. Spraying agents against all “pest” insects are not necessary. The less I intervene, the more birds come to my garden. All chirping winged bird friends pick up the pest insects here and there from the garden. Realize that everything we add to the garden poison will soon end in our stomachs. In addition to birds, more and more toads, frogs and newts come to my garden. I don’t always see them, because they know how to hide very well. In short. Nice to see how my “cottage garden” evolves into “Gaia” stamp size.

Personal reconsider the future.

For me, nature close to home is beautiful enough. It is healthy to be busy in your garden. It is healthy to grow your own vegetables. The nearby forest is sufficient for Forest Mind exercises.

Being in nature costs nothing and has a positive effect on our brain and body. Why not look this up and stay inside? Let me know, but I think you can sense that nature may give more than it takes.

Stay healthy and see you next week.

Walking in the woods or nature may be as easy as meditating. You can start over at any time of the day.

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