It’s Sunday. [blog]

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It’s Sunday

Occasionally, my free time doesn’t allow me to write a blog on Sundays. The example is last Sunday. No blog, but still it’s Sunday. My blog is apparently in the rhythm of the week for a large number of reader a fixed item. Thanks for all the comments. Many were already afraid that something was wrong with me. No blog was much explaining that it’s just Sunday. And I’m fine.

Today looking at treetops

Today I’m going to take my walking group to look at treetops. Here in limburg in the Netherlands I woke up this morning with the rain. But that shower front is now moving away again and so we can just look at the treetops. Warning to other forest users; “If there are a number of people on the ground in the forest, they look at the treetops.”.

It is so beneficial to lie down on the ground and look at the treetops. The rhythmic movement of the leaves gives peace. It seems a little strange, but it’s very healthy.

Forest Mind and Shinrin Yoku

Both forms of practice in nature have a beneficial effect on humans. The variety of the landscape is fine. If the landscape evokes wonder, it has a positive effect on us humans.

Every forest is fine, but trees, and especially conifers, have the most beneficial effect on health. They secrete phytoncides – substances that protect them from insects and bacteria.

When we walk in a forest, we breathe in those phytoncides. This boosts the immune system, lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduces stress hormones. Therefore, people who spend more time in nature are generally less prone to illness, depression and depression. It also appears that concentration and problem-solving capacity are increasing.

In every season, beauty can be recognized. The seasons tell something about life, in which everything goes according to a cyclical pattern of rising and going down. Just as the water ebbs and flows and the waxing moon turns into a waning moon, the trees bloom in spring and the leaves fall in autumn. This shows us the transience of life, but also that a new beginning follows at every end.

It helps me to put my problems into perspective and see the big picture. It happens to you. That’s in the little things, like you as a small child can marvel at the veins of a leaf or feel connected to the big picture. It gives me meaning, peace and clarity of mind.”

Gardening, hiking in the forest or in nature is perhaps as easy as meditating. You can start it all over again at any time of the day.

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