Forest Baths. Metsämieli. [English]


FOREST MIND (Metsämieli in het Fins)

Each Forest Mind walk is completed in a different way. There are quite a few exercises that are often very short, but do affect the mental state of the participants. Every walk has a different interpretation. 

Covid-19 and forest mind

The exercises are always performed at a sufficient distance from each other. The one and a half meters is always observed. It is a pity that the number of participants remains limited due to the pandemic. The advantage is that the small groups receive all the attention. We are outside and there seems to be little chance of infection. Despite a small chance, we all guard against each other five feet apart.

Yesterday a contribution from Lia Braun, a German Forest Mind guide colleague, with whom I maintain regular contact. A nice description.

How do you find your individual encounter with the forest? 

I always follow a certain order to first pick up people and then get more and more in the mood: first we orient ourselves, we get to know each other and the forest. You have to experience security, otherwise the sensory journey will not work. So I ask, look around, what’s up here? What’s next to you, above you? Then I turn my attention to the breathing, to the movements that the breathing makes in the body. This is what makes us feel: the air flowing in and out, the earth below us, the air on our skin, maybe the sun’s rays that are warm, or the breeze that cools. In this way I address the individual senses one after the other. When we feel the earth, smell it, maybe taste traces of it on our fingers, it is all about nothing more than that. Before I open my eyes, I invite sometimes like to see with new eyes, very fresh. After a short lap it is time for what I describe as “walking”. Slowly, at your own pace, perceive the rhythms of the forest around me. This could be the light, delicate movement of the grass or a bumblebee humming up close and away. I don’t want to exaggerate, but when I dive in it is sometimes like I feel the movement of the blades of grass, the movement of the bumblebee inside me.

“Forest bathing is an everyday habit. If you regularly go to the same forest, the same place, you will become more and more familiar with it – and a relationship will develop. It is exciting to experience the forest when it rains. scents and the colors more intense You can see with amazement what effect the drops have on the skin, on the leaves, in the moss When was the last time you stood barefoot in a puddle? Or lie on the floor and watch how the drops fly towards you? “

Lia Braun

Metsämieli, Forest Mind, Shinrin Yoku and Waldbaden. Healing and healthy. The extra part is that as an instructor I guide the participants in doing a number of exercises that get you out of their thinking. Simple exercises that you can do yourself during every walk. 

We regularly stop and make contact with nature. You can read it in previous blogs that we make contact lying in the forest, standing against a tree, staring into the distance or even sitting. We always take a moment for tea. Rest and break in the forest. There is nothing more beautiful. 

Sign up to get acquainted with Metsämieli or Forest Mind. For groups I give workshops Forest Mind on location. Everything at a safe distance from each other. 

Interested in participating on Sunday 6 September 2020? Email to


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