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Recently people have been calling me from all over the world and they have all kinds of questions about their life path. While I explain how my exploration of training and development went, a lot of news is discovered.

During covid-19 reflection and new inspiration emerge. I also regularly stop at the spot and look for new inspiration together with nature. Everyone walks and thus discovers their own life path.

I can only share my life path and discoveries. There is no fixed route to a new discovery. I myself use my Forest Mind exercises for this. I too go hiking in nature for new discoveries on my life path.


Zen or chán is a form of Buddhism that strongly emphasizes dhvana or concentration meditation. This would gain insight into one’s own true nature in order to open the way to a liberated way of life.

Back to your own discoveries.

Concentration meditation is different from mindfulness meditation, but both forms can be helpful on a journey of discovery. During my coaching I use mindfulness. Meditation provides peace and space for discovering something new.

Forest Mind triggers something in people to take the next step. Worrying is replaced by assignments. The cognitive part of the head has something else to do. During my coaching I use Forest Mind. Forest Mind provides peace and space for discovering something new.

Walking coaching is another way of coaching. I don’t have a consultation room filled with my stuff. I coach in nature. I make use of what nature offers and what presents itself. I use coaching during a walk. Walking coaching provides peace and space for discovering something new.

And you?

Getting stuck in life can be solved. The solution starts with an investment in yourself. You go on a voyage of discovery. I can support you with that. Customers are very satisfied with my guidance.

Investing in yourself sometimes sounds strange. Fitness and sports cost money, so coaching too. Coaching has a long lasting effect in your life. You will receive insights and tips to discover insights yourself later. Be honest. Body and mind deserve exercise. Invest in yourself.

When will you take the next step?

The photo

The young sparrowhawk is at the beginning of a new life. She watches her mother’s flight. Everything that was done together must now be done alone. The young sparrowhawk was really very close. She immediately flies out and her path is its own life path. She will have to discover everything herself.

Your opportunities to get acquainted with Paul’s way of guiding explorations.

n met Paul’s manier van het begeleiden van ontdekkingsreizen.

  • 27 september
  • 18 oktober
  • 31 oktober Nederlandse Natuur- en Wandelcoachdag
  • 8 november
  • 29 november
  • 20 december

From 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Departure from the car park:

Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert’
Harles 23
6294 NG Vijlen

Price € 7,50 per person.

Because I always wait until all participants are present, please indicate in time whether you are going and with how many people. You will receive confirmation. Whatsapp 0624578008 or email


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