Blog frequency!


Would you like to experience Forest Baths in combination with Forest Mind? Sign up for a walk. More information “walking dates 2020” Paul’s Buitencoaching

My personal discovery.

I would like to take advantage of the tranquility of autumn and winter. Outside everything is at rest or everything comes to rest.

I also want to relax internally. The pandemic and all the fuss affect me and my environment. The influence is not always positive.

The blog frequency is going to change drastically. A message from me a week before the hiking date. For the other weeks I will leave you alone.

Nature rests. You rest. I rest.

If I get more than 100 responses to my decision, I will reconsider the change. For now it is enough.


  • 18 oktober
  • 31 oktober Nederlandse Natuur- en Wandelcoachdag
  • 8 november
  • 29 november
  • 20 december

From 10:00 am to approximately 12:30 pm.

Departure from the car park:

Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert’

Harles 23
6294 NG Vijlen

Participation € 7.50 per person.

You will always receive a registration confirmation. Whatsapp 0624578008 or email

It is evident that forest baths, Forest Mind and Mindfulness have a positive effect on the mental and physical well-being of the participants. I also offer forest baths for groups. For more information or contact see Paul’s outdoor coaching

Are you the next participant? Are you interested together with your family, friends or work colleagues, let me know and get in touch.

Covid-19 disclaimer.
During our walks I respect the applicable rules that the government assigns to us. In any case, we must keep the virus under control and together reduce the chances of infection.

We are outside and the five feet is a standard rule that we follow.

It is allowed to use mouth masks. If it becomes mandatory, we will also do that outside.

Do you have covid-19 related symptoms? Cancel the walk. There will be plenty of opportunities to participate.


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