ZEN in response to covid-19. (TIPS)



Walking opens up a new perspective. Walking with attention makes you aware of yourself. Walking gives inner peace. Walking combined with a number of Forest Mind exercises provides peace of mind.

Want to participate once? http://www.paulsbuitencoaching.com

On Sunday December 20, 2020 I will accompany the last walk of 2020. I will visit the forest with a number of people and enjoy the hospitality of nature. The attention to every moment is more valuable and soothing than the thought of an achievement.

The next walk will be:

January 10, 2021 (fully booked)

During the walks you move for 2 to 3 hours, nature ensures a good night’s sleep, you make social contacts and relax. Now a more limited group size, but I am convinced that science is working hard to find a solution for covid-19. We can tackle this pandemic together. As long as we stick to the measures and advice.

Covid-19 government advisories are groups with a maximum of 4 participants. I respect these advice as an aid to getting covid-19 under control. We always keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

In 2021, I will start on weekdays with walks for target groups. Because the continuation of Paul’s Buitencoaching depends on all government measures, I will have to adapt and measure, Group size is the most important obstacle for me, but I will continue with planning. You will be informed as soon as possible via social media.

ZEN in response to covid-19.


It remains difficult for anyone to live with the deadly virus covid-19, which is permanently lurking for new victims. Much of humanity lives in its own bubble and adheres to all measures. I now know from my own experience how difficult it is when you can no longer go shopping spontaneously for 3/4 years, have your groceries best delivered and you no longer see your children at home every week. The spontaneity is gone. You have to find your own way to keep life pleasant and fun. That is the hardest of all.

More and more I discover the value of being in nature. Nature offers us many beautiful things. Regardless of the weather conditions, outside is still healthy.

In the forest you can:

  • Relax
  • Catch your breath
  • Paying attention to yourself
  • Letting go
  • Experience simplicity
  • Feeling humble
  • Surrendering yourself to nature
  • Wonder
  • Feeling connected
  • Getting into the here and now.

While I was writing this blog I realized that the above listing is about ZEN life. It’s also a big part of mindful living. And it is what forest bathing and Forest Mind does to you. The first step is to look for woods and nature and to confront yourself and to wander through your own self.

We don’t have to buy compellingly expensive leisure things to find ourselves. The more peace you build yourself into your life, the more you will find yourself. Getting to the essence of your life is important. If you can achieve that in part, then you are going to get through these exciting times.

Sirpa Arvonen brought me back to my essence of life during my training as a Forest Mind Instructor. Above all, you feel connected with all those people who wander around in nature and enjoy it so much. Yes. It is strange when I stand against a tree with the fellow walkers. Passers-by laugh, but that is their own inconvenience not to dare to synchronize with this way of synchronizing with the “heartbeat” of the tree. It is going too far to explain this for now. You should come and experience it yourself during one of my Forest Mind walks.

The benefits of spending time in nature. Various scientific studies have shown that:

  • 10 minutes in nature and the blood pressure drops.
  • 20 minutes in nature and you get better sense.
  • 60 minutes is nature and you can concentrate better.
  • 2 hours in nature and restore the resistance mechanisms in your body.
  • 5 hours in nature per month increases your positive feelings.
  • 3 days a month in nature:
    • Your resistance mechanism becomes strong.
    • The number of proteins that fight against cancer is increasing.
    • The number of stress hormones decreases drastically.
    • The blood sugar stabilizes.
    • High blood pressure decreases.
    • Feelings of depression and fatigue diminish.
    • You feel more powerful and more vital.

So there is every reason to take some kind of ZEN to nature and get through this difficult time.

Lots of fun.

The great thing about walking is that you can start over at any time of the day.


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