Mindfulness exercises in response to covid-19. (5 TIPS)


A happy, beautiful and mild 2021 for every reader. The covid-19 challenges of 2020 will continue for a while in 2021. Together we get through this difficult period. Stick to the measures and “stay safe”.

Walking opens up a new perspective. Walking with attention makes you aware of yourself. Walking gives inner peace. Walking combined with a number of Forest Mind exercises provides peace of mind.

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On Sunday December 20, 2020 I will accompany the last walk of 2020. I will visit the forest with a number of people and enjoy the hospitality of nature. The attention to every moment is more valuable and soothing than the thought of an achievement.

The following walks:

January 10, 2021 (fully booked)
January 31, 2021 (number of participants depending on government measures)

During the walks you move for 2 to 3 hours, nature ensures a good night’s sleep, you make social contacts and relax. Now a smaller group size, but I am convinced that science is working hard to find a solution for covid-19. We can tackle this pandemic together. As long as we stick to the measures and advice.

Covid-19 government advisories are groups of up to 4 participants. I respect these advice as an aid in getting covid-19 under control. We always keep a distance of 1.5 meters.


Winter is the perfect time to take a break, embrace the (inner) silence and find peace and quiet. Nature is now deep in hibernation and is recharging her powers in her deepest core for the coming spring.

By creating silence and space for ourselves during this time, we create the opportunity and the conditions for our insights, wisdom and intentions to be born in the new year.

How are you going through the winter now? It is not very cold at the moment so walking through the forest is a nice relaxing activity. Don’t walk too fast. Take the rest and don’t break the silence. Enjoy everything there is now. For the entire cold period and the darkness 5 mindfulness winter exercises.

5 Mindfulness Exercises for the Winter.

1. Have mindful conversations

It is easy to forget the importance of conscious talking and listening, but the slowness of winter can provide us with plenty of opportunities for this activity. With the longer nights and the colder weather, we can spend more time indoors with the people around us.

Try to turn off the television and put away phones so that you can sit down with a loved one and have a meaningful conversation.

Ask them what their day was like, what they are looking forward to, what their work has been like, how they feel, or what they are planning for the weekend. Be open-minded and curious about their answers. Make a conscious choice to show them that you are listening to what they have to say.

2. Listen to music

One of my favorite ways to relax on a cold day is to snuggle up on the couch, wrap myself in a blanket, put on headphones, and listen to soothing meditative music.

By the end of this mindfulness practice, I feel calm and a bit sleepy – it’s a great way to slow down.

I find it very easy to listen carefully to meditative music because my mind likes to focus on the different sounds.

3. Notice it again

A very simple way to be more aware in your daily life is to take the time to notice it again. If there is a rare day of sunshine, you can take a walk and soak up the rays. You can lie in bed and listen to the rain on the roof. When you leave your house and there is frost on the ground, listen to the crunch under your feet. Watch snow fall or wind blowing through the trees.

While this mindfulness practice is quite simple, it can be a really fun way to experience winter and the things that make it special.

4. Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a great way to release tension in the body and to cultivate physical relaxation. Some of us tend to spend more time in the winter (with the longer nights and cold weather), so taking the time to stretch can be extra helpful.

Yin yoga is also a wonderful opportunity for conscious movement. Each pose is held for a few minutes, allowing time to move slowly and settle into the poses.

Usually the yoga studio is warm and you can use a pillow and blankets to stay cozy. I also enjoy closing my eyes and really resting or tuning into my breathing!

5. Drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate for exercise

Every morning I sit on the couch and enjoy a cup of coffee. In the afternoon I do the same with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. It’s a wonderful way to make time for mindfulness and enjoy a delicious, warm drink.

Here are some simple tips for trying this mindful drinking technique for yourself:

-Feel the warmth of the mug in your hands

Pay attention to the aroma and taste of your drink

– Pay attention to the texture of the liquid in your mouth

– Look at the color of your mug

Lots of fun.

The great thing about walking is that you can start over at any time of the day.


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