A sign of life during Covid-19.


The covid-19 challenges will continue for a while in 2021. Together we get through this difficult period. Stick to the measures and “stay safe”.

The reason for ‘blogging’ is the persistent e-mails and people who visit my LinkedIn page. There are many. So I thought, “Let me send out a sign of life.”

Like so many small entrepreneurs, Paul’s Buitencoaching is also hit hard by all the measures. It is an economic fact that the costs precede the benefit. The costs will only increase and the benefit is not yet in sight. Bank charges, insurance and subscriptions will continue for a while. If I didn’t see better times for my company, I would have pulled the plug long ago. Hold on. People hold on. Better times are coming.

As long as we continue to be confronted with the covid-19 measures, it will be my customers who will be affected.

  • Regular Metsämieli customers are forced to stay at home. An invigorating Sunday walk is not possible. People hold on. Better times are coming.
  • The patient groups that I would go for a walk with twice a week are forced stay at home. They are people with peripheral arterial disease, COPD and often elderly who are now alone waiting for a vaccination and an end to the lockdown. They cannot look forward to a joint walk accompanied with fellow sufferers at fixed times. People hold on. Better times are coming.
  • The coachees are forced to sit at home and can only have very limited contact from a distance. That doesn’t do their thinking any good. It doesn’t feel good to me that I can’t talk to them one on one. People hold on. Better times are coming.

It is not always easy to keep up the courage. The loneliness, powerlessness, pain and sorrow cannot be easily put aside. Know that you are not alone in this. Of course, a video or phone call is not the same as a real conversation or a walk, but be assured that better times are ahead. We have to keep this up to get the virus under control.

Of course it doesn’t help when so many people DO NOT comply with the measures and ignore everything. Therein lies the danger. A small group of people is literally ruining it for a very large group. And let me be honest. It is not only vulnerable people who get sick. Young people also become seriously ill or suffer from covid-19 damage for the rest of their lives. Permanent serious damage. Just think about that.

What will the future bring us? I get asked that question regularly. We all need to think about what will change for you in the future?

  • Every virus travels around the world. It is clear that our travel behavior must change. The traveling circus of tourists to faraway places is not a good plan. With that you do every virus a great favor.
  • It now turns out that we all need to find entertainment within a few miles of our home. Make it as cozy as possible at home and think about what is still allowed and possible. But above all keep it safe.
  • In the meantime I have realized that I don’t need the vegetables and meat from all over the world. Buying your food locally is just as delicious. What comes from far is not exactly better. Go to the local butcher, baker and farmer.
  • Stop cutting down and thinning forests. Plant more trees and forests. Now it appears once again that we need the forests in the area so badly. Even if it was just to be able to take a stroll. When I want to take a walk for half an hour, I only see concrete and stones. That can really be different. But don’t make it a subsidized theater.
  • See if you have room to plant a tree in your own garden. Every tree or shrub large or small absorbs a lot of CO2. So stop cutting down and creating biomass. That biomass is obtained in other countries. It is terrible to see how many forests in Scandinavia and America are being cut down for our biomass.

Stick to the measures. We keep ourselves in this lockdown.

  • Also think of all those people, young and old, who get lonely because they stick to the measures.
  • Also consider all those people who put all their energy into caring for patients a chance of survival.
  • Think also of all those people who died in solitude who leave families and friends in great sorrow.
  • Also consider all those small entrepreneurs who get into financial problems because of a lockdown.

Stick to the measures and we will quickly get out of this situation. The new normal will become a new morality. We keep ourselves in this lockdown.

Now a closing remark for all those sad people who react negatively to my blogs. I delete all negative comments and e-mails immediately. If you think you know better than all the scientists in this world? Good for you, but I hate your comments. It will simply be removed. Do something meaningful with your life.

Finally the photo. Snow makes everything lighter and enchantingly beautiful. Snow makes everything quieter and serene. Fortunately I am still quite agile and could not resist going out very early for a walk. I were the first with the footsteps in the snow. Put everything aside for a while and observe what is in the forest through the icy cold and snow. The forest just lives on. The forest is prepared for snow and cold. The animal world has to suffer, but is also prepared for the winter.


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