Have a look in the forest!


Have a look in the forest!

What does my head do?

The photo on this blog gives us enough to think about. Just ask yourself: “Why did this tree grow so strange?” I can’t reward the waiting in this blog, because then the rest of the page would be blank. Blank is waiting for the answer.

Trees often grow very erratic, because something has happened that justifies waiting and growing differently. Yes. The tree compensates a lot. Embraced often what is done to her.

Maybe another tree has been lying in the open space. Perhaps the tree has grown around the other tree. I guess what. The same thing you probably did just now.

How do you find this kind of trees?

It is not an art form, but especially a attention training. Slow down your walking pace and look around. Observe everything that is there. Trees, shrubs, plants, mammals and birds. Try to become one with the forest. Slow down, slow down and slow down. Have confidence in your own abilities. Yes, you too can walk through the forest and become one with the environment. After practicing this several times, you might think: “Why did not I do this earlier?”

A judgment in good or bad is not necessary. The forest will forgive you. Be proud of the fact that you realize that you can become one with the forest.

Slow down and observe.

The things you only see if you are delayed.

It took me a long time to slow down. A hard life lesson was needed for it. Burn-out. You learn to accept that you are exhausted. That has been built up in years of running, diving, flying, falling and standing up again. You can also reduce what you have built up. You can only finish off if you are delayed.

I myself have become much more aware of everything that happens in the environment. Attention that is sufficient. What do the trees look like? Leaves or not? Which season is there? What do I feel about what I see? How do I feel? What does that feeling say?

If you are more delayed you will see more. If you delay, there is time for reflection. Reflection on the environment. More importantly, reflection takes place in your heart. Yes. You seek the mirror of your heart. Very healthy to reflect. Reflecting is the outcome of observing.

Slow down and observe.

How does the forest deal with this?

In the forest, a whole process is underway to grow and flourish underground. We are not aware of it. There is a very special process underground from roots of trees that communicate thrue fungi. Trees speak to each other. We people do not speak their language. A lot of research is still needed to understand what happens underground. How trees warn and protect each other. Perhaps you are now curious about life in the forest. Try to accept that things are going on in the forest that people will only understand in a while. Respect for everything you observe in the forest.

What should I do now?

Just as there are underground processes in the forest that keep everything alive, warn and protect each other. In this way subcutaneous processes occur in humans that keep us alive, warn and protect organs. We do not differ much from a tree.

Reason or no reason does not play a role here. We do not speak the language of the forest and we do not know what reason there is. We do not speak the language of the animals and do not know what reason there is. Remember that there is reason.

When you consider that we do not differ from trees and animals. Then comes a realization that you can learn a lot from it. What is happening under the skin? What do I feel? What does the body want to tell me? What o what is going on under the skin?

Go to the forest and walk delayed. Slow down and observe. Stay close to your breath and observe yourself. Observe the forest. Observe the mammals. Observe the birds. The moment you feel at one with nature, you have arrived at the point of being in this moment. You, we, are part of nature.

The beauty of delayed walking is that you can start with it again at any time of the day.


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