Useless information or useful?

The readers who shared the previous blog, thank you. I ask again. If all readers share this blog, the promotion is huge.


First some advertising for the national walking coach day, because there are still free spots before 25 May. Would be nice if I had all three workshops full. Even if you do it for the Wensulance foundation. That would be € 300 for charity. See the content of the day: Kennismaking met Pauls Buitencoaching

I realize it is a starting place where last week two horrible murders took place. For the time being you can assume that the perpetrator has been arrested. Probably a psychotic person. A situation that I am horrified about, but full of confidence that it has been a one-off situation. I sympathize with the victims’ relatives. Let us take the thoughts of the victims on our discovery trip through Brunssummerheide, especially on 25 May.

May 26 and from 10 am I will be on the road with a group of people for a silent walk at the Hijgend Hert in Vijlen. Want to participate? See Paul’s Outdoor Coaching and check the dates.

Useless information or useful?

In the previous blog you could have read that I walked with our son in Luxembourg. We slept in a 250 year old farmhouse. The Airbnb “Natur Oasis” from Nathalie in Iermsdref. Walking long distances for three days. Occasionally stop for a sandwich and cup of tea. A qualitatively beautiful week-end.

Maybe you never pay attention, but I have a tick and many things wonder. Probably because I walk slow. Not that I can’t walk at the right pace. No. Those who walk delayed will see more. So the photo. A sign at the parking lot in the Müllertal in Luxembourg.

Probably well intended, but it is completely useless information. But yeah. As a government you better warn people. In the case of a claim for damage, it can then be indicated that you were a warned person. The Dutch proverb is therefore: “A warned person counts for two.”

For example, I see repeats of the maximum speed along provincial roads at an appropriate distance. A completely useless and expensive repetition. It just seems that way. Hundreds of motorists and motorcyclists still receive a police report at home from those places. Often a high bill for ignoring the warning. “A warned person counts for two.”

The discussion: “Is it useless information or is it useful information?”

Our trip to Luxembourg along highways with here and there signs with a warning about crossing wildlife. I used to think: “What useless information.” You see that there is forest. Deer and other wild animals are walking in the forest. Logic. Yet?

Along the highway we saw a dead deer. Seriously. It’s a big animal. If you get a collision with a dear, the consequences can be huge. Not just a dead deer. No. Road casualties may occur in such a situation. How? I let that for your imaginary thinking.

Perhaps it is worth considering that information does not have to be useless. The warnings are not for nothing. The moment the deer arrives, you will have ignored hundreds of useless speed warnings. You will not be aware of crossing wildlife and take into account the unexpected.

Is the information useless or useful?

Everyone does what you want by reading the information. But it is worth considering the warnings. We are naturally very careful with all kinds of signals that we receive. The danger in nature we are formidable. Spiders, snakes, wolves, bears, you name it. We respond naturally to this very well. Have we not yet evolved into a life with a fast car or motorcycle? I do not think so. We still have to learn to deal with the unnatural speed. Witnesses are the many road casualties.

Perhaps the useless information is useful. The choice is yours….

You can start again at any time of the day with the choice between useless or useful.

If all readers share this blog, the promotion is huge.

Share = Sweet.

You can note the following walking days with Paul’s Outdoor Coaching in your agenda:

Saturday 25th May (special see site), Sunday 26th May, Sunday 23th June, Sunday 7th July and Sunday 28th July. I like to know who’s coming. Therefore, always register and send a e-mail to or app 0624578008. The walking groups are limited in size.



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