Forest Mind = ? [English]


Metsämieli =? (Forest Mind =?)


Each Forest Mind walk is filled in in a different way. There are quite a few exercises that are often very short, but affect the mental state of the participants. Each walk a different interpretation.

Covid-19 and forest mind

The exercises are always performed at a sufficient distance from each other. The one and a half meters is always observed. It is a pity that due to the pandemic the number of participants is limited. The advantage is that the small groups get all the attention.

We’re outside, and the chance of infection seems to be small. Despite a small chance, we all watch for the one and a half meters away from each other.


It doesn’t matter what exercise I would describe here. Every exercise is small and easy to apply at home. Repeating exercises during the week is of little strain over time.

From breathing, standing or whatever. Each exercise small in time and simple.

The picture accompanying this post seems strange. Who’s going to lie down in a forest? Participants use the tranquility and the benefits of moving treetops on their troubled heads. A new exercise that brings peace to thinking. This exercise will take a little more time. Every exercise is carried out with great respect for nature.

Just standing still or lying in nature brings yourself up, The smell, the sound and your place in the environment makes every exercise of value. The world deserves to be aware of it. Sometimes we forget that the world around us is so beautiful. Try it for another walk.

Stand at the edge of the forest and look at the world around you.
Keep breathing and exhaling.
Take the time to observe the surroundings.
Experience what you experience.
Take the experience with you during the walk or take home.

Forest Mind is very similar to Shinrin Yoku. The extra part is that as an instructor I guide the participants in doing some exercises that get you out of your thinking mind. Simple exercises that you can do yourself during each walk.

Sign up to get acquainted with Forest Mind. For groups I give workshops Forest Mind on location. All at a safe distance from each other.

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