How to forest bath? (TIPS)


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My personal discovery.

Trees can help you become healthy and happy. But how does that work? Because it has little to do with literally bathing.

I first heard about “forest bathing” 10 years ago and it fascinated me. After the movie “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon, walking in nature was suddenly a hot topic. But it sounded a bit floaty to me. Should I go and hug a tree?

Trees can help you become healthy and happy. But how does that work now? Because it has little to do with literally bathing.

Forest bathing is a new anti-stress trend from the East.

What is a forest bath?

First things first. What do we mean by taking a forest bath? It has nothing to do with sports. You don’t have to jog or walk through the woods. It means: bathing in the forest atmosphere or taking in the forest through your senses. Via your eyesight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. We can smell flowers, taste fresh air, see changing colors, hear birds sing and feel a breeze on our skin.

How do you take a forest bath?

Dr. Li provides a handy step-by-step plan for the ultimate forest bath, follow all the steps or you will miss the effect.

1. Leave your phone and camera at home: you have to walk slowly and without goal, so you do not need a GPS or other device.

2. Find your ideal place: there is a forest for everyone. Some will like the scent of damp earth more, others will like a stream, others will love flowers. Find a green place in your neighborhood that has what makes you happy.

3. Put your five senses to work:

– Listen to the wind in the trees and the birds singing
– Look at the different shades of green and the sunlight through the branches
– Sniff the scent, this is natural aromatherapy!
– Put your hands on a tree trunk and feel, or let your toes hang in a stream. Lie down on the floor.
– The last is the hardest: feel the forest. Um, in other words, enjoy the calm.

4. The optimal duration of a forest bath is about four hours, but shorter periods also work.

5. Rest when you want, drink something when you want and do not walk too fast, it is not a sport.

In summary, it is like looking at the forest like a child. Just give it a try. When you go to the forest with small children, they see different things than we do. They see more! They point to a flapping branch, hear every bird and imitate the sounds. They go – against your will – with their clean clothes exactly in that mud puddle to feel the damp earth with their hands and in the best case also taste it.

Will you let go of the child in you this weekend? Your body will thank you!

My Forest Mind supplement.

Since I was introduced to forest bathing and wanted to take my personal experiences with forest bathing to a higher level, I was challenged to search even more about the topics. I remain a scientist who likes to discover and research. Forest Mind came on my life path. Sirpa Arvonen from Finland has devised a nice method to get participants in forest baths to step out of their minds. Addressing the cognitive part in our brain is challenged. Gentle and short exercises that you can do at home. So I started to follow the training to become a Forest Mind Guide and a certified Forest Mind Guide.

There are not that many Forest Mind Guides and I was the first in the Netherlands to apply Forest Mind during the forest walks. The regular group of Sunday mornings is very happy when we meet again. This is a wonderful start to Sunday. The rest will linger for weeks on the participants.

All exercises are explained and also the effect that is intended with the exercise. We usually do this in short feedback rounds. You don’t have to say anything about your experiences. It is allowed. Sharing the experiences are often nice additions for the other. Do the learning and experience yourself.

For the participants, forest bathing in combination with Forest Mind and a Mindfulness part is a beautiful journey of discovery into the connection between their own soul and nature on Sunday.

Your opportunities to become acquainted with Paul’s way of guiding explorations. Keep reading the article even after reading this data.

  • 18 oktober
  • 31 oktober Nederlandse Natuur- en Wandelcoachdag
  • 8 november
  • 29 november
  • 20 december

10.00 uur until 12.30 uur.


Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert’
Harles 23
6294 NG Vijlen

Price € 7,50 pro person.

Because I always wait until all participants are present, please indicate in time whether you are going and how many people. You will receive confirmation. Whatsapp 0624578008 or email

It is evident that forest baths, Forest Mind and Mindfulness have a positive effect on the mental and physical well-being of the participants. I also offer forest baths for groups. For more information or contact see Paul’s buitencoaching

Are you the next participant? Are you interested together with your family, friends or work colleagues, let me know and contact me.

Covid-19 disclaimer.

During our walks I respect the applicable rules that the government assigns to us. In any case, we must keep the virus under control and together reduce the chances of infection.

We are outside and the five feet is a standard rule that we follow.

It is allowed to use mouth masks. If it becomes mandatory, we will also do that outside.

Do you have covid-19 related symptoms? Cancel the walk. There will be plenty of opportunities to participate.


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